Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm 21?

So this is my very first post and im trying to get use to all of this blogging stuff! I've been wanting a blog forever and im so excited to finally have one! I have no memories of mark and i written down for our first year of married life. how sad! so here's the beginning to lots of new memories recored!

So i just turned 21! One perk of living far away for your family is on your birthday you feel like the most popular person ever! i loved getting all the hilarious voice mails,cute bday cards and text messages!Then the Birthday extravaganza begins!FIrst Mark had a present wrapped in newspaper and the cutest card ever!Then he took me out to OUTBACK for dinner(YUM). We then went to our good friends The Conways and watched our favorite show/guilty pleaser, The Bachelor!!! Megan made me the cutest cake(so bummed i dont have any pictures of it!) and they sang happy birthday and the whole sha-bang. After we had got home Mark had one more surprise for me! Sweet Tooth Fairy CUPCAKES and cute candles. I love my hubby he is way to good to me. So i pretty much had a really great birthday and felt the loved. YAY for 21!

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