Saturday, March 12, 2011

1 Year.

Today is our 1 year anniversary and i could not be happier! I never thought i would find someone that makes me so happy! I am so thankful that Lacy introduced us 2 septembers ago. Life could not get any better. My husband is perfect and cute and super funny.I thought I would list a couple of reasons why i love him so much.

-He is the sweetest person i have ever met. Even though he doesn't show it to other people, believe me he's sweet :)

-He's a dang hard worker.

-I love that he can fall asleep anywhere and in any position.

-He loves ice cream way too much.

-He makes me laugh allllll the time!

-He's so shy around people but can and will do anything in front of me haha.


-I love that he dances with me in the car.

I know their are a lot more reasons why i love him but i cant think of anymore right now ha. I am so happy that 1 year ago I married him. He is simply perfect. I love you Mark!!

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