Tuesday, November 19, 2013

6 Months

Everyday I thank my Heavenly Father for my sweet Harvey! He has brought me so much joy these past 6 mouths. He  makes us so happy everyday. He is such a happy baby and has the sweetest spirit. He is the best thing that ever happened to us. We love the sweet spirit he brings to our home and all the blessings he has brought us.  

Harvey stats:
Can almost sit up  on his own
Loves his jumper so much!
Loves to see dad when he gets home. He always has a big smile when he walks in the door
Can roll over both ways
Shakes his head back and forth
Loves to talk
Wearing 6 months clothes

I'm so grateful for my healthy, happy baby. He is the greatest thing ever. I'm so thankful to be his mother. I'm so thankful that I have been giving the opportunity to raise this sweet boy. I hope that I can be a good example to him help him become a good man someday. I love him so much